There is a new project in the works that I hope others will want to participate in.

I am currently working with Dr. Margarita Dounia, PHD, of Athens. She was one of our presenters at the Salt Lake Conference in Sept 2015. Her area of expertise is in immigration.

We are collaborating together to create an online magazine about people who left Greece to immigrate to other parts of the world. We are looking for stories of individuals and families who immigrated. Years from now these people’s story will be held in memory to be more than just a name on a genealogy chart.

Why did they leave, what was their new life like, what would you like to be remembered about them? Anyone interested in sharing their families story, please contact us.



Another person to watch is Georgia Stryker-Keilman.   Georgia  maintains a blog as well as a FaceBook Page Hellenic Genealogy Geek.  At the present time her site has over 7,000 members.

She extends great efforts to provide helpful information including  the translations of of Greek records and suggestions where to find information.  On her site it is helpful to do a word search so you can more easily find the information you are looking for.

Members of the group are great at helping one another.  I just have to point out the fact that for all the information that she publishes she does not charge others but does this out of her love for genealogy and to help further this work.  What a great sacrifice and service to others!

Why is this important?  Genealogy can get to be a very expensive hobby or past time, or if you have been doing it long enough, it becomes an addiction!  It just seems to get in your blood.  Not everyone can travel to Greece to look at records for themselves and in my view, as a researcher it seems one gets a better quality of work when it is done by someone who really wants to assist others, than when it is done by someone who is doing it solely for the purpose of income.  Genealogy is  a labor of love!

So to Georgia and others like her, who help share records, translate for those of us who do  not read Greek or use their talents to assist the rest of us, a big thank you!





It’s been a while since I posted, but  I am back now.

Our conference in Salt Lake City was a great success!  Everyone from the speakers to the caters did an excellent job.  I want to especially thank Carol Petranek and Georgia Stryker-Keilman for the many hours of work that they put into make the conference a success.  Each of our speakers were well-informed and prepared.

The lunch catered by Stephanie Thayer, Laurie Spetsas and Christina Lopez was excellent.  And our photograper, Randy Kroll did a superb job as he always does.  Many thanks to our presenters, Dr. Lica Catsakis, Georgia Stryker-Keilman, Carol Petranek, Marina Harami, Margarita Dounia, Robert Curtis, Angie Bush, Giannis Michalakakos, and Gregory Kontos.

I cannot thank everyone enough who worked so hard and helped to make this event so successful.  All of this would not have been possible without the gracious kindness of our local Hellenic Community.

Now’s my chance to say how grateful I am to my cousins!  They all did an excellent job.  These cousins were responsible for the catering and photography.  If you are in the Salt Lake area and ever need these services, these are the people to contact.  Many thanks to Stephanie Thayer, her sisters Christina Lopez and Laurie Spetsas, (who traveled from out of state to help with this event) as well as our cousin Randy Kroll who takes pictures like no one you will ever meet!  Their work is just awesome!  It really turned out to be a mini-family reunion.  And family is what genealogy is all about!

The information provided at the conference can be seen on You Tube.  See the following links:

Keynote Address: “The Evolution of Hellenic Genealogy: Then and Now” presented by Dr. Lica Catsakis. No handout.
Link to video (on YouTube):

How US Records Can Help You Prepare for Research in Greece
Presented by Georgia Stryker Keilman
Link to video (on YouTube):

Research in Greece Using Civil and Church Records
(Handout no longer available)
Presented by Gregory Kontos
Link to video (on YouTube):
Resources for Research in Greece: Libraries, Websites, Books, Newspapers
Presented by Marina Harami.  Handout is forthcoming.
Link to video (on YouTube):

Resources for Greek Research at the Family History Library  
Presented by Dr. Lica Catsakis
Link to video (on YouTube):
Supplementary material:  Greek Microfilms at the FamilySearch Library

Why Did They Leave? Greek Emigration in the 1900’s
Presented by Margarita Dounia
Note: Recording was not permitted

The Revolution of 1821 and Its Impact on Your Ancestors (1821-1900)
Presented by Giannis Michalakakos
Link to video (on YouTube):
Supplementary material:  An Overview of the Greek War for Independence

Geographic and Administrative Boundary Changes in Greece
presented by Dr. Lica Catsakis
Link to video (on YouTube):

Using Community Trees to Track Descendants of Greek Immigrants in the U.S.   Presented by Robert Curtis.
Link to video (on YouTube):
Supplementary material:  Powerpoint Presentation 

Making Connections: Facebook and Blogs
This was to have been a joint presentation by Carol Kostakos Petranek and Dawna Stevens. Because it was eliminated due to time constraints, the handout is the full Powerpoint presentation.

Planning a Research Trip to Greece
Presented by Carol Kostakos Petranek
Link to video (on YouTube):

DNA as a Tool for Greek Research
Presented by Angie Bush
Note: Recording was not permitted.


Greek Personal Names, Central Intelligence Agency, June 1962

Greek Genealogy Word List compiled by Carol Kostakos Petranek & Gregory Kontos 




After a lot of thought and research, a new site has been created.  It is a community tree for families with a tie to Greece.  Anyone can have their family added as long as there is one document verifying the existence of a individual family member.  The community tree is on Tribal Pages and can be found at Hellenic Genealogy Resources Community Tree  You can request membership at the site or email questions and information to